Meaning Of Flowers

When you send flowers you create a feeling in the person that receives them. The kind of flower delivered along with the color does effect that emotion. For example when someone receives a red rose this gives the sentiment of love and romance, receiving a bouquet of colorful Gerbera Daisies gives the person the feeling of happiness, whereas a bouquet of carnations can give the feeling of thanks from a friend.

Flowers and the color of flowers do have special meanings. For centuries people have used flowers and their colors as symbols for expressing their feeling to loved ones and acquaintances. Flowers along with written messages give a more powerful transmission of feelings from the giver than just flowers alone. If you are going to send flowers but are having a problem coming up with the right sentiment see our list of sample flower messages.

There can be many different meaning for flowers due to the culture and region where you reside. We are giving what we consider the most common meanings. As with anything, the real meaning is what comes from your heart, and is communicated with the right words in the message.

Review the meanings of the flowers, but remember every flower has a slight different look, color and appearance. Reviewing the following information will help you choose the flower that is right for you.




This flower is often called Puruvian Lilies. This is a hardy flower which was given its name from Baron Klas Van Alstoemer, who engineered its seeds in 1753. This flower is generally symbolizes friendship. If you send a bouquet of Alstroemeria you are showing that your bond with another is strong.



These flowers were originally cultivated by the Greeks and Romans thousands of years ago. These very hardy and versatile flowers which represent the feeling of pride and beauty. Send a bouquet of carnations to let someone know you are proud or impressed with them over something they have done.


Hydrangeas: These flowers got its start in Japan and were brought to England in the 18th century. This flower stands for friendship, devotion, and understanding; These flowers are perfect to send to someone to symbolize friendship or understanding. You can’t go wrong sending hydrangeas as a gift.


Lily (Oriental)

Oriental Lily: An oriental lily can be a gorgeous large white lily that represents the elements of purity and verdure. The stargazer lily which is a white lily with a pink center signifies wealth and pride. If you are wishing someone success and happiness in all aspects of life a floral bouquet of Stargazers is the lily to send the message.



Roses have been the symbol of never ending love and passion over the years. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite (who symbolized love) gave a rose to Eros (God of Love) and it's been a symbol of love ever since. Keep in mind rose colors can convey various sentiments – red rose is for romantic love, yellow roses is for friendship love, pink is often used to show love that is non romantic toward a family member or friend, while white represents a love of innocence. This is a very popular flower given due to the strong feelings that it represents when delivered.




This unique flower symbolizes longevity in China. This is a delightful flower that always faces the sun. This flower gives the feeling of innocence and happiness. Deliver Sunflowers to someone who needs to have their day brightened up or someone who made your day happy.



This classic flower was originated in Persia. It is hard to believe that at one time due to its rarity a bouquet of these flowers were as expensive as a house due to their scarcity. In current times this is not the case (thank goodness). However, since the tulip is one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, it represents new life, growth and happiness. If someone is onto a new job, experiencing a new milestone in their life, tulips are great flower to send.

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