Our Guarantee

Trust doesn't come easy. We'd like to earn yours.

We understand there are lots of options when choosing fresh cut flowers for your special occasion. We're glad you've come to see us! Our goal is not only that you are completely satisfied with your experience, but that you remember us the next time as well. We're committed to building a lasting relationship with you, here's how...

7 Day Freshness Guarantee

We provide you with the highest quality flowers and guarantee each bouquet will last at least 7 days from the delivery of your order. In the unlikely event you are not satisfied with your order we will gladly replace the bouquet, provide a refund or store credit at our discretion.  Please note that lavender roses are only guaranteed for  3 - 5 days.  Due to the time sensitivity of fresh flowers, please contact us by phone or email within 48 hours in order for us to resolve any problems.

Please consider: Our products may vary in size and appearance due to seasons, regional availability and interpretation by the designers.

We do require that if you have an issue with the flowers you contact us within 48 hours after you have received the flowers, and send us pictures to review any bad flowers.

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