Recital Pre-Order Form

Let Us Move Your Flower Sales Online

To help you market your flower sales 48LongStems will create a website for you FREE of charge. An Online Order Form will be customized with your school logo to showcase only those bouquets you wish to sell, and at the prices you choose to use. This site will collect orders and payment online for the flowers you want to sell in real time.

What does this do for you?

  • Save Time! - Using this Online Order Form allows you to generate orders online by having people place their orders by themselves while having the money be collected by using your PayPal, Stripe, or Vemo, etc.,, account. You don’t have to collect the orders or money manually. They payment shows up in your account and you have an admin panel to review your orders online.
  • Easy to Market! - By having your own Online Order Form it is easy to text, email and post a link to your fundraiser on social media!
  • Order Smart! - You have to order flowers from us in the box sizes we offer. Often times it is a guesswork on how many bouquets you need to order. However, by collecting orders in advance you have a better idea of knowing how many items you will need for your fundraiser. We want to have the right amount of flower for your event. You don’t want to bring in too many flowers.
  • You Look Professional to Your Parents! - Parents see a professionally designed and branded website representing your company that collects their orders. They will also receive an instant email confirmation of their order which they can reference if they have any questions. No more paper flyers

Fill out the from below and 48Longstems will get your Online Order Form set up and review it with you. We try to respond within 48 hours.