Planning Tips for Outdoor Fall Weddings

Planning Tips for Outdoor Fall Weddings

 There are many reasons why fall is a popular season to host a wedding. The weather’s not too hot or cold, so having an outdoor venue is still an option, and the natural scenery will leave you and your guests breathless. Establishing a budget, selecting a date, venue, flowers, decorations, food, and beverages are all things to consider when planning your wedding. Below are a few helpful tips to ensure your fall wedding day runs smoothly.


Before jumping right into the nitty gritty of planning your wedding, you should sit down with your partner and establish a realistic budget you can stick to. Factors to include in your budget are the venue, flowers, decorations, food, beverages, entertainment, and attire.


Having a budget in place is vital because you might have to factor in other costs after the wedding, such as a honeymoon, student loans, car payments, rent, or perhaps purchasing a new home. Planning a wedding while looking to buy a home can quickly become financially overwhelming, so you should think about how much house payment you can afford after covering all the costs of a wedding. Your financial situation will be a huge factor in deciding how much you can comfortably afford to spend on your future home, which is why sticking to a wedding budget is encouraged.

Date & Venue

Selecting the date and venue for your wedding can be a difficult decision to make. No one can predict the weather, so don’t stress too much over this factor. Booking a venue that offers indoor and outdoor accommodations will be a lifesaver for this reason. With nature’s natural color palette in the fall, a cozy, more relaxed atmosphere is something to consider when booking the venue. Planning a rustic barn wedding is a great way to reach your desired fall aesthetic. Whether it sits on a pasture with horses, or just open fields overlooking the mountains, the views will be breathtaking. If you’re set on having an outdoor wedding, make sure the venue offers tents. Depending on what time you’re hosting the wedding, it might also be beneficial to have outdoor space heaters in case it gets chilly later in the night. Once you’ve honed in on your top three venue choices, don’t be afraid to compare the packages and prices, and discuss all the details with the venue managers. This will ultimately provide you with the best deal and ensure you can stick to your wedding budget.


Flowers & Decorations

Hosting a fall wedding allows you to get creative with the flowers and decor. With the natural warm colors fall brings, there are many options to choose from for your theme and color scheme. Common fall colors are earth tones like orange, yellow, red, burgundy, or your traditional white and creams. With the natural backdrop of the scenery, there's no need to limit your scheme to just one color. Tablecloths, seating arrangements, lights, and centerpieces are all things to incorporate. A classic fall flower centerpiece that displays a variety of flowers and colors is just what your tables need to bring out the complementary colors. For the decorations, tie in old whiskey and wine barrels to bring out that rustic aesthetic. Making your own bouquets, card boxes, signs, and wedding favors is a great way to help you stay on track with your budget and allow you to have everything you desire at your wedding.

Food & Beverage

Having a wedding in the fall is an opportunity to get unique with the cocktail list and food menu. There are many ways to serve your food to your guests. Buffet style lets your guest select their menu and portions. You can get creative with a buffet style by having different food options set up around the venue, such as BBQ, Italian, seafood, or comfort foods. You can even offer a carving station with a wide variety of meats. The sit-down style is an opportunity to serve your guest a hand-selected meal. Offer 4-5 options on the invitation for your guests to select when they send in their RSVPs. This poses a more formal dining style. Family style provides a more “homey” appeal. The food will be placed on sharing plates at the center of the table for your guests to pass around.


Creating a fall-inspired cocktail list is a fun way to bring out the warming flavors. Cinnamon, apple, vanilla, and pumpkin are all amazing flavors to add to your casual whiskey, vodka, or rum liqueurs. If you are looking for creative inspiration, explore Pinterest for fun fall-inspired drink ideas like Carmel apple martinis, apple mimosas, pumpkin old fashion, or an autumn sangria. Creating these drink ideas yourself and stocking up on the materials will also help your budget because we all know an open bar tab can add up fast.


Your fall outdoor wedding will be a memory that lasts a lifetime, even if it feels overwhelming in the planning stages. Make sure to enjoy every moment because time flies when you’re having fun. Don’t settle when planning your special day. By following the fall planning tips above, your dream wedding soon awaits. Congratulations!








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