Socially and Environmentally Responsible

At 48LongStems we are Socially & Environmentally Responsible: We don’t just care about the quality of the flowers we sell, we care about the environment in which they are grown. We source all of our products from farms that are certified environmentally safe and socially responsible. We believe we have a corporate responsibility to support and promote farms that use only earth friendly, sustainable farming practices and who ensure their employees are working in healthy, clean environments. We also wish to promote fair trade business practices – ensuring that workers (who are predominately, women and head of households in under developed countries) are paid at fair or above fair wages, and have other employee benefits aimed at improving their employees’ lives, and those of their dependents. When an individual chooses to purchase their flowers from 48LongStems, they aren’t just purchasing a bouquet of flowers – they are helping to sustain and grow environmentally responsible farming practices, and improve the lives of farm workers worldwide.

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