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48LongStems wants your flower sales to be successful AND profitable.  To help you market your flowers and ensure you only order what you truly need, 48LongStems will create a website for you FREE of charge.   We will customize this website with your school logo and showcase only those bouquets you wish to sell at the prices you choose to use.  We can list as many shows and times as your studio produces.  Your parents can use this Online Order Form to get pre-order their recital bouquets, eliminating any last minute stops to pick up their flowers.  You may also choose to let parents pay for their bouquets in advance, or at pick up, or a combination of both.  Parents will receive an instant email confirmation of their order which they can display at the recital when picking up their bouquets. You will also have a real time accounting of how many and what kind of bouquets parents are interested in purchasing making it much easier for you to determine what actually needs to be ordered.  Our Online Order Form is a win-win for both you and your parents:  one less thing for parents to think about before the show and correct ordering ensures you don't lose any profit on unsold bouquets.  

Your website will go "live" when you wish to begin marketing your bouquets to your parents - we suggest 2-3 weeks before your show date.  One week before your show date, you should notify your parents that they have 48 hours to pre-order their flowers.  This allows the parents of the urgency of getting their orders in.  After the 48 hours, simply compare the numbers of bouquets you need with the size box 48Longstems offers.  We ship our flowers directly from the farm in small, medium and large size boxes   Determine the size box that most closely matches your pre-order count,allowing for some extras to have on hand for those last minute purchases by parents and/or family and friends.  In order to get farm direct, wholesale pricing, we cannot ship individual quantities.

Once you've determined what you need to order,contact 48LongStems to place your final order.  Please note, while parents place their order on line, this does NOT mean that you have actually placed an order for your bouquets.  You must contact 48Longstems to place your order, either online or by phone, whichever you prefer.   All of our flowers are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight, and can be shipped anywhere in the United State to you. We ask that you schedule your flower delivery for 2-3 days BEFORE your recital date, to ensure that everything is to your liking.  48LongStems GUARANTEES our flowers - if anything is not right let us know.  You will also need to hydrate your flowers for 24 hours to ensure they are at their best prior to the recital.  Please be aware, flowers are shipped priority overnight, meaning they are scheduled for delivery first thing in the morning.  Please ensure to have your flower order delivered to a location where someone can receive them in the morning.   

Our flower bouquets need to be ordered a week in advance of day you need to take delivery.   For the best fundraising experience, we recommend a maximum of 3 or 4 products on your site. 

What does this mean to you as a studio owner?

    • No Cost To You!
    • Know What Parents Want Before You Place your Final Order with 48LongStems!  
    • Ensure You Order Enough Bouquets!
    • Instant Confirmation For Parent & Studio, Plus the Studio will get a list of all preorders before they place their order.
    • Parents Order Online and Pay When They Pick-up or Parents Pay Online With PayPal!
    • Put Up Only The Bouquets That You Want To Sell!
    • You determine the selling price of each bouquet, ensuring the profit margin you want:  30%, 40% even 50%!!

Online Pre-order form is a $100 value-yours FREE!

The Parents will see Your Logo and Your Name, so there is no linking back to 48LongStems.  To get your own page, please fill out the form below.

Please Note: For schools with multiple locations, please fill out our pre order form using a different email address for each location. Our system cannot use the same email address multiple times!

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