About 48LongStems

48LongStems began as a road-side operation in West Palm Beach, Florida and has quickly become the premier source for long stemmed roses for delivery nation-wide.

Our founder was struck with the inspiration to sell flowers after he relocated to Florida, and noticed people selling roses on the street curbs of Miami. On Valentine's Day morning in 2001, we opened up shop on the side of the road and sold about 1,000 roses that day. After that he realized he was really onto something.

From there, the idea of offering large quantities of roses directly to the public grew and 48LongStems.com was the means to allow the average person to be able to send 50, 100, 200 or even 400 roses to their special someone and make a big impression.

Shipping is available nationwide so large quantities of flowers are accessible to everyone at affordable wholesale prices.

Recently, 48LongStems has expanded our product line to include Orchids, Carnations, Gerber Daisies, Peruvian Lilies, White Daisies, and Sunflowers. All of theses beautiful flowers are offered in eye popping quantities. In addition to our growing line of flowers, we also offer gourmet coffee, tea, and chocolate gift baskets, along with spa quality bath & body gift sets.

Right now we are working on expanding our line even more by adding different varieties of flowers, delectable treats such as gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries, and unique gift items such as custom t-shirts, so that in the future we can offer our customers even more ways to make a big impression.

48LongStems is a company that goes beyond simply offering great products. We really care about the world around us and we give back to the community whenever we can. Through our Military Appreciation program, we were able to raise $75,000 in gift cards so that soldiers in the Middle East can send their loved ones back home flowers and other gifts at little to no cost. We take pride in supporting our troops in any way that we can.

It has been a long ride from the tiny road side operation in West Palm, Florida, and through it all, 48LongStems continues to strive to give our customers the best flowers out there, and to exceed expectations each time. We bring great flowers to great people, everyday and we love every minute of it.

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