Colors Of Roses

Roses are beautiful and elegant flowers, perfect for any and all occasions! But what happens when you want your roses to say something specific? Believe it or not, rose colors have some very different meanings. From red to pink, and orange and yellow, all roses have something unique to say. But you'll only find out what that is if you know their special language!

Red Roses: The Color Of Love & Romance

Red roses have a universal meaning, no matter where you are in the world! These are the roses that indicate love, affection and domestic bliss, as well as courage. Give red roses when only passion will do!


Pink Roses: The New Red & Just As Beautiful

When you give someone pink roses, it always means something special. Pink roses are indicative of adoration, young love, or just because. Giving pink roses is always a beautiful way to say I love you.


Lavender Roses: Intoxicating and Lovely

One look at a bouquet of lavender roses and they'll be smitten! Lavender roses are well known for their romantic connotations, as well as symbolizing love at first sight. It's true: you can't go wrong with these lovely purple roses!


Yellow Roses: A Beautiful Gift For Friends

Yellow roses are extremely well known for being the flower to give to a friend in friendship. They are bright and colorful, and an obvious choice for someone who needs a pick me up.


Orange Roses: Fiery Roses Not Meant For The Faint Of Heart

Our orange roses are truly gorgeous! They are a notoriously vibrant flower, able to last longer than typical pastel roses, while warming up your home or office. Try them out!


White Roses: Perfect For Events & Purity Alike

White roses are traditionally seen as the purest of all the roses, due to their light color. They are especially beautiful at events and weddings, and bring a level of sophistication wherever they are.


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