Recital Flowers FAQs

Shipping Questions

Is shipping included in the pricing for recital flowers?

Shipping is included in the price of the flowers. Do you not pay extra for any shipping or handling fees?

Do you ship out exact quantities?

No, we can only ship out the amount that is in the boxes. Unfortunately, this is the only way that you can order the recital flowers from us.

Can you ship me recital flowers that aren't wrapped?

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot. We only have recital flowers which are pre-wrapped available.

Why do you ship FedEx Priority or UPS Overnight?

Shipping Overnight allows us to have our boxes coded as the first boxes that make it off the truck. This ensures optimal freshness, rather than having your flowers sit in hot or cold trucks all day long as they deliver them.

When should I order my flowers by?

We recommend ordering your flowers for your recital one week prior. This gives us enough time to process your order and make sure it ships on time.

Flower Care Questions

How do I care for my flowers once I receive them?

Immediately cut the ends (about a half inch from the bottom) and put them in water and a cool room. Your flowers don't like heat, and are likely to be thirsty after traveling to you. We recommend picking up some buckets ahead of time to make it easier.

How do my flowers come?

Recital flowers arrive in boxes, already wrapped with baby's breath and leatherleaf as fillers on the rose bouquets.

My flowers arrived and look wilted. What do I do now?

Don't worry, just cut the stems and put the flowers in water. It is common for the flowers to arrive looking thirsty after a long journey!

After hydrating them, my flowers still don't look good. Now what?

Give us a call as soon as you can so that we can help you out.

Tinted Rainbow Rose Questions

Why do I have to order Rainbow Roses so far in advance?

The Rainbow Roses require a special process which takes a considerable amount of time. They are hand dyed and then come straight from the farm in South America to your door.

Rose Color Questions

What constitutes "Assorted" Roses?

Our assorted recital flowers are 50% red, and 50% non red. Non red means they can be a wide array of colors. Assorted bouquets have a variety of colors, which vary depending on what is available in our inventory.

Can I specify what colors come in my "Assorted" bouquets?

No, you cannot specify what colors you will receive in Assorted bouquets. This is due to inventory and what is available.

General Questions

Can I do carnations instead of roses in my recital flower order, as a cost effective solution?

No, we have found that carnations end up costing just as much as roses, and as such, are not cost effective at all for us.

Do you work with ticketing companies?

We do. We currently work with TutuTix and Shovation for ticketing for dance recitals.

Do you offer a sample box? I'd like to see what I'm ordering before I commit to a whole order

We do offer a sample box please see our site for more information.

Why does 48LongStems sell flowers?

Because we love flowers and want to share them with you!

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