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Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Daisies

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Hosting a 4th of July Party or just want to display your national pride for Memorial or Veteran's Day celebrations?  Fill your event space with our shockingly affordable Patriotic Red, White and Blue Daisies. We guarantee they will make your party simply Spectacular!  

All of our daisies are grown on environmentally friendly, socially responsible farms - ensuring your flowers are grown using sustainable methods and are safe for the workers who handle them.  Once harvested, our flower professionals hand paint each red and blue bloom - THESE FLOWERS ARE NOT DYED.  This means that no color will rub off on your hands, clothing or furniture, and the stems and leaves won't take on a painted hue.  And best of all - hand painting means that the water in your vases will remain clear - no discoloration from dying.

Our Patriotic Red, White and Blue Daisies are shipped directly from the farm, making them extremely fresh! And, they are crazy easy to take care of.  Our daisies should be ready to display right out of the box - but they will need to be properly hydrated once they arrive for best performance and life span.  It is perfectly normal for flowers to look thirsty or "tired" upon arrival.  They will perk up once they receive a "fresh cut" to their stems and have time to drink up fresh water.  All you need to do once they arrive is remove them from their boxes, cut about 1/2 - 1" off the bottom of their stems and place them in clean, fresh water.  Store your daisies in a cool room, out of direct sunlight, away from drafts and extreme temperatures.  For your Patriotic Red, White and Blue Daisies to look their best, we highly recommend you follow our care instructions below.

Patriotic Red, White and Blue Daisies Must Be Ordered 7 Days Before Your Delivery Date!  If cared for properly, Daisies are an incredibly long lived flower - however, we suggest you have them arrive 2-3 days before your event.   For example, if your event is on a Saturday have them arrive on the Wednesday or Thursday prior.

Diameter: Approx. 1/2-2"

Average Leaf Length: Approx. 23-27"

Bunch Size: 8-10 Stems

Average Number of Blooms Per Stem: 3-5

Vase Life: 8 days with proper care

Suggested Delivery Date: 2-3 days before event

    Daisy Cut Flower Care Instructions:

    1. 1. As soon as you receive your flowers, open their box(es) and cut strapping to remove flowers.
    2. 2. Stem Length approx 20 inches
    3. 3. Remove any green foliage that will fall below the water line from the bottom of the stem. Any foliage that falls below the waterline will form bacteria and effect the life of your flowers and the blooming process.
    4. 4. Cut 1/2 to 1 inch off the bottom of each stem, preferably at an angle, and immediately place in prepared water.
    5. 5. Place flowers in fresh, cool water out of direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and drafts.  Use of Floral food is recommended.
    6. 6. Let Daisies hydrate for at least 4 hours before arranging, 12 or more hours is recommended.
    7. 7. Check water levels frequently.  Fresh cut flowers consume a lot of water when hydrating.  Keep water levels high and water fresh.

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