4 Ways to Plan Your Dream Winter Wedding

4 Ways to Plan Your Dream Winter Wedding

Have you been dreaming of a winter wonderland wedding? With the seasonal color palettes, glittery snow, and holiday cheer, it’s no surprise winter weddings are so popular. Hosting a winter wedding is a unique and special way to celebrate one of the biggest days of your life.


With a little extra planning and flexibility with the date and time of your wedding along with all the other logistics that come with it, you’ll be ready to dive into the planning process. For ideas and inspiration on how to bring your dream elegant winter wedding to life, continue reading below.

Be Flexible With the Date & Time

The first step to planning a wedding is selecting a date and time. It’s no secret that the weather during the cold winter months is unpredictable which is why it’s crucial to be flexible. Planning well in advance will allow you to have a backup plan in place. Backup plans are key because there may be weather issues, travel delays, and of course, winter storms. Try to avoid booking a date on or near a holiday weekend. Many people have family traditions and set plans, so if possible stray away from selecting a date or time that could interfere. If you have your heart set on hosting your wedding on or near a holiday, it’s important to know when to send the save the dates. A common courtesy if you plan a destination wedding or big event during the holiday season, is to send them at least six to eight months in advance. Your first date and time of choice might not be available, so remember to stay flexible and have a second-best option for plan B in place. 


Find a Tasteful Venue

When you’re searching for a venue, don’t be afraid to shop around. Compare prices, packages, locations, and accommodations with one another. Once you have a list of possible venues, select your top three choices. Ideally, the venue should have a proper heating system to keep you and your guests comfortable. If you’re going for an elegant and cozy atmosphere, a smaller venue might be perfect for you. A bonus is if you can find a venue with a fireplace that adds to the holiday aesthetic and an extra source of heat to stay warm.


Nowadays, weddings can add up fast which is why it’s crucial to save and explore helpful ways to pay for the expenses. According to the founder of the Wedding Report, Shaun McMurray states that on average, the cost of a wedding in 2022 will range around $27,000. There’s no reason why a price tag should stray you away from cutting back when planning your dream elegant wedding. A few ways to help cover the expenses are by setting up a wedding fund and contributing to it weekly or monthly, or if family and friends offer to help, asking them to cover a specific expense they feel comfortable with. Another popular option couples have been exploring to help cover their wedding costs is refinancing their mortgage to a 30-year fixed rate. This is a helpful option for homeowners because it’ll lower your monthly mortgage payment allowing you to allocate the extra funds in your pocket toward your wedding expenses and any post-expenses to follow.

Choose Festive Decorations

When choosing the decor for your ceremony and reception, add winter elements to spruce up the space. Wreaths, garlands, cranberries, and glitter are all great options to help you embrace the holiday season with festive ideas. If you’re not sure where to start when selecting the decor, find a color palette or theme that brings your dream winter wedding to life.


For an elegant and whimsical feel, consider looking into all-white wedding ideas for inspiration. White tablecloths, place settings, flower arrangements, furniture, candles, and crystal glasses are elegant ideas to use for an all-white color theme. Popular white floral options to use for your centerpieces and bouquets include white roses, dahlias, cremon mums, and baby’s breath. Don't forget about the lighting. Adding candles to the tables will give off a gorgeous glow that will bring a warm and cozy feel to your atmosphere and If you have drapes hanging from the ceiling at the venue, add string lighting throughout for an extra touch. Choosing the decorations for your wedding is a great way to get creative and have fun with the planning process.

Pick Sophisticated and Warm Attire

Finding the perfect wedding dress can feel overwhelming. Today, there are so many different wedding dress styles and designs to choose from. When you go dress shopping, it’s important to know that if you don’t fall in love with a dress during the first fitting, that’s perfectly okay. The last thing you want is to feel like you have to settle on a dress. When you’re trying on dresses, keep an eye out for styles, designs, and colors that draw you in. Ballgowns, trumpet, sheath, and a-line dresses are very popular styles to choose from along with lace and silk for the materials.


Just because you’re having a winter wedding does not necessarily mean you need a dress with long sleeves. Although long sleeve dresses are very elegant and beautiful, you can add a lace cover over the top of your dress to add a sophisticated look to your gown. You can also layer a white fur stole or coat over your dress in case you get cold during the ceremony or reception. As long as you love the dress you choose and you feel comfortable and elegant wearing it, that’s all that matters!


Having a wedding requires a lot of time and planning, but it’s important to not stress over all the logistics especially when you’re planning a winter wedding. Your big day will be perfect and everything will turn out just the way you hoped. Stay positive and enjoy the process along the way and soon enough your elegant day will be here faster than you know it!

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